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Scuba diving

Typical Canarian fish "Vieja"

Diving school

Typical Canarian fish "Sama"

A sea of adventures

The sea that bathes the coasts of the Canary Islands, with a little help from the cold currents that come from the Canaries current and the warm temperatures of these latitudes, is ideal for divers the whole year round.
The crystal clear waters teem with marine life and visibility can continue to be as much as 25 metres.
Incredible underwater landscapes, made up tunnels, vases, sandbanks and sharp drops, are home to an enormous variety of fish, shells and marine flora, not to mention dolphins and pilot wales.
More than three thousand species of invertebrates and six hundred species of seaweed exist in the Canary seas, making it a treasure trove for any diver.
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We offer you diving courses at any level.
English speaking teachers are happy to help beginners and experts alike to discover the local treasures.
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