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Los Realejos


Flying from Izaña (2.100m.) Flying from Izaña (2.100m.)

Tenerife offers you very good conditions to practise your favourite sport.
The great thermal currents, the mild climate, the beautiful landscape and a large network of starting and landing points will give you optimum conditions to fly the whole year around.

There are about 40 different starting points on the island. Four of these are “official” that you can use without a guide.
In the Orotava valley and from “Las Cañadas” (2.100 meters above sea level) you have enough possibilities to fly without a guide.
Your host flies himself and can advise you.

Tandem flight from Las Cañadas Tandem flight from Las Cañadas

View to ´La Corona´ from the terrace of ´Lirios del Valle´ View to “La Corona” from the terrace of “Lirios del Valle”

From the Orotava valley you can see “La Corona” (700 m. above sea level). This official start-point is only 20 car-minutes from "Lirios del Valle".
Next to this cliff the afternoon thermal current is often superb.

For clubs we offer lodging in different rural cottages in the neighbourhood. The high season on the Canary Islands is from October till April. After Easter there are always special offers for groups.

We speak English.