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Puerto de la Cruz
La Orotava In Orotava you will note especially the many beautiful places with old trees, that are everywhere in the city center.
More information of the ´Ayuntamiento de la Orotava´ (Spanish)
Tourist information office: 922 323 041

Jardines Victoria Jardines Victoria

Jardines Victoria

(Victorian Gardens)
Address: C/Tomás Pérez, Plaza de la Constitución
Telephone: 922 330 050
More information (Spanish)

Green and recreational area with many walking paths amid trees and flowers and with its famous Carrara Marble Mausoleum designed by the French architect Adolph Coquet in 1882.

Hijuela del Botánico Hijuela del Botánico

Hijuela del Botánico

C/Tomás Pérez nº 1
Telephone: 922 330 050
Timetable: Lunes a viernes de 09:00 a 14:00
Free admission

Behind the City hall, with access from the calle Tomás Pérez is located the 'Hijuela del Botánico' with more than 3,000 different tropical and subtropical plant species mainly of South and Central American, African and Australian origin. It is a romantic garden of 4,000 square meters, created in 1788 by initiative of the VI Marqués de Villanueva del Prado, who conceived it like a complementary centre of the ´Jardín de Aclimatación de La Orotava´ (today Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz). Especially have to be mentioned the horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), the flame tree (Brachychiton), zapote (Sapotáceas, Spondias mombin), the coniferous of Australia and a beautiful dragon tree.

Puerto de la Cruz

More information of the ´Ayuntamiento´
Tourist Information Office: 922 386 000

Jardín Botánico del Puerto de la Cruz Jardín Botánico del Puerto de la Cruz

Jardín Botánico

C/ Retama nº 2
Telephone: 922 383 572
Timetable from 09:00 till 19:00 (1 April till 30 of September)
09:00 till 18:00 (1 October till 31 of March)
Admission: 3 euros/person (2 for residents)
More information (Spanish)

The La Orotava Acclimatisation Gardens were created by Royal Decree, issued by Carlos III in 1788, because of the need to grow species from the tropics somewhere in Spain with a suitable climate. The intervention of Alonso de Nava y Grimón, VI Marquis de Villanueva del Prado were vital, both for taking decisions about creating the gardens and for establishing and developing the gardens in their early stages. It maintains important collections of tropical and subtropical plants having special merit the varieties of Palms, Bromeliaceae (pineapple family), Araceae and Moraceae (mulberry family). The expositive surface is 20,000 m², with an increase program, at the moment in execution, to extend and equip with modern facilities a contiguous surface of 40,000 m².

Sitio Litre Sitio Litre

Sitio Litre

Camino Sitio Litre s/n, Crta. el Botánico 31
Telephone: 922 382 417
Timetable from 09:30 till 14:30
Admission: 4.5 euros/person

The oldest garden of Tenerife, more than 220 years old, has a private mansion that dates from 1730. The owners have decided to open the enchanting garden to the public, with amongst others the largest collection of orchids of the island, the tallest and oldest dragon tree of Puerto de la Cruz, and reminiscences of important visitors like the famous German botanist, explorer and discoverer Alexander von Humboldt or Agatha Christie. It has a cafeteria and a boutique specialized in typical products. It also has an exhibition of paintings yielded by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (England), with which there is a collaboration agreement.

Parque Taoro Parque Taoro

Parque Taoro

Accesses by the ´Carretera del Botánico´ and the ´Carretera de Las Arenas´.
Telephone: 922 37 84 00 (Gardens Service of the City council of Puerto de la Cruz).
Timetable: always open. Water cascades and aquatic gardens in operation every day after 18 hours.
Free admission
foto of 360° of the mirador
foto of 360° of ´la Atalaya´

The Taoro Park constitutes a promontory from where an excellent panoramic view of the city is obtained. It has a surface of about 100,000 square meters, equipped with gardens, strolls, viewing points, illuminated fountains and cascades, a children's playground and a kiosk with restaurant, bar and terrace. The park consists of three sectors: la Atalaya (the Watchtower), el Camino de La Sortija (the Road of the Ring) and the Taoro Gardens. In the first sector is the viewing point "Dulce Maria Loynaz", named after the famous Cuban poet and writer. The former Hotel Taora, now still the Casino Taoro, was opened in 1890, based on the plans of the French architect Adolph Coquet.

Risco Bello Risco Bello

Risco Bello Jardín Acuático

Crta. Taoro to the east side of the casino Taoro
Telephone: 922 384 371
Timetable from 09:00 till 18:00
Admission: 2 euros/person

´Risco Bello´ Aquatic Gardens has a collection of five hundred exotic, tropical and subtropical plants. The property, of nearly two hectares, is distributed over five terraces, of different styles, where the treatment of water is conjugated with an exuberant vegetation, lakes, suspension bridges, cascades, caves and sources, as well as ducks, swans, geese and doves that enjoy mixing between the visitors.

Jardines hotel Tigaiga Jardines hotel Tigaiga

Jardines hotel Tigaiga

Carretera del Taoro s/n (next to the Casino Taoro)
Telephone: 922 383 500
Timetable: always open. Guided visit every tuesday.
Free admission
More information

More than 5,000 m² of gardens exceptionally well taken care of, with outdoor terraces. Remarkable collection of vegetal species classified botanically among which the cactaceous ones predominate and that has deserved praise of international experts in this field. In the reception of the hotel a guide for the garden can be acquired.

Every Sunday starting at 11:00 there is Canary Island folklore (singing and dancing) and displays of Canary Island wrestling in the gardens. (admission about 3 euros)

Playa Jardín Playa Jardín

Playa Jardín

Between Puerto de la Cruz and Punta Brava
Timetable: always open.
Free admission.

This collection of beaches and gardens extends from the Castle of San Felipe to the district of Punta Brava. The beaches have a semi-submerged protection and count on about 17,000 square meters of landscaped surface. This project is posthumous work of the architect from Lanzarote Cesar Manrique and consists of three different sections, Playa del Castillo, Playa del Charcón y Playa de Punta Brava. These three sections are united by a pedestrian area full of beautiful gardens, bars, restaurants, a children's playground, a pavilion for musical activities and solariums. There is a large garden with palms and banana trees, in terrace form, where one can walk and have a sunbath. Stone caves and water cascades embellish the environments.

There are also places like Bananera "El Guanche" and "Oasis del Valle" here present as attractions because one has to pay much more Toegangsprijs than in a park.