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(only a few trekking possibilities from the GAIA Tours program)

The Canary Islands: Nature's paradise

Charles Darwin, biologist, described Tenerife as: "perhaps one of the most interesting places in the world"


The "Las Caņadas" crater opens at ca. 2000 Meter above sea level. From its interior towers the top of mount Teide surrounded by important geological formations and endemic plants. Discover the fantastic views from the highest peak in Spain. Enjoy the exciting climb to the top of Mount Teide (3.718 m), from where you will be able to see the other Canary Islands. You descend through lava streams and -fields and sandy deserts of the Las Caņadas del Teide national park.
The national park Parque Nacional de las Caņadas del Teide was founded in 1954.


Masca, a small village surrounded by high mountains, is the entrance to the deepest canyon (´barranco´) of Tenerife.
Here we start to walk to the sea. Bring your bathing suit, because at the beach you can have a refreshing dive.
After that a small boat takes you along the impressing and giant cliffs "Los acantilados de Los Gigantes".
You will need good walking boots.


We visit an almost undiscovered part of Tenerife, and we can see how people in former days were living and working. In the most eastern part of the Island you can enjoy the beautiful panoramas over the Anaga mountains

On request there are special group excursions.
In all excursions is included: transport, insurance and experienced guide.
For all excursions we recommend good walking boots and wind-, rain- and sun-protection.